My name is Pem Zhipeng Xie, a UX/UI designer based in Sydney works as the only designer for a fintech. 
👉 UX/UI Designer at GPayments and NameScan
👉 Ambassadors of Memorisely
👉 Associate Marketing Director at PMI Sydney

Graduated from Master of Interaction Design and Master of Project Management at the University of Sydney. After spending 5 years in studying marine science, I finally found my passion and dedicated my life in product design field. 
Systematic and project-based education on Design Thinking product design methodology.
Project experiences in digital product design and digital place-making. Involved in different roles of product design, including user research, user empathy and interpretation, ideation & concept testing, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, UI & interaction design

I enjoy spending time attending design meet-ups and learning from different UX professionals. I'm passionate about volunteering and working with people from different backgrounds because it challenges me and expands the way that I view the world.  As an organizer of a design meetup, I enjoy connecting designers together to share and learn. 
I also enjoy meeting designer from the world, be inspired and learn from each other.

In my down time, I love playing team sports like ultimate frisbee and basketball. I also like to expand my horizons by listening podcasts and exploring new ways to grow.

I love challenging my self through a passion project called the "#CODING365" & "DESIGN365"  where I created new generative artworks for 112 days using Processing and p5.js and create UI with motion design (from 13 Feb 2019), and post it on Instagram.
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