The main challenge of this project was to apply participatory and human-centred design methods to develop a design proposal for a new technology to improve healthcare in home.
This project divided into two sessions. 
1. individually, conducting an in-depth users research among one group of target users of hospital at home. 
2. in a group, combining research results of all members, narrowing down a design problem and designing a product to solve this issue.

TEAM - Pem, Tim, Tejas
MY ROLE - UX/UI Designer 
DATE - Jul 2017 - Nov 2017
 User Research
Online Questionnaire:
An online survey of hospital in home towards a wider range of people were created and distributed by Qualtrics. 147 responses were obtained. 
The objectives of this survey are to test the problems of hospitalization, gather more information about the problems during treatments at home and gather more information from our potential users.
In this research, in order to understand three different kinds of potential users, three interviews have been conducted by ways of Wechat interview and photo interview, after which all interview transcripts were completed.
These interview became the most valuable raw materials of user research.  It provides opportunities of discovering user insights and understand user behavior patterns from different perspectives. 
Affinity Diagram
Users Self-reporting Dairy:
Beside of interviewing Marz, I also required him to do a photo diary for several days, but he was not too keen and comfortable to the photo diary.
He only recorded for two days with few monuments. However, it still helps the understanding of users and possible problems by understanding his real-time thoughts and the environment.
Users Experience Journey:
This is the experience journey mapping of Marz in terms of his treatment, medication, and monitoring. 
This helps to understand the value and importance of hospital in home along his journey. This also reflects the change of his needs in terms of medication, monitoring, and doctor services.
Define Issues and Needs
From my research, users of hospital in home having issues and needs in diet control, medication taking, body condition monitoring and exercise.
also mapped these needs for kidney disease patients in different periods.
Product Design

Then in a team, we decided to go with the medication taking issue. By conducting deeper research, we had different design ideas and finally developed a medication taking app.
This app based on iPad can help users manage their medication taking, provide medication information and connect them with their GP about medication issues.
Photo-Narrative Storyboard:
The end

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