In this project, we mainly focused on defining a design angle of wellbeing and developing a digital solution to support the wellbeing of BT's customers. This project includes three phases:
1. Discover: 
the research process when we understood the design brief, redefined the design challenge and decided our design direction, which is family travel.

2. Foundational design: 
the user research phase when we understood our users' story and behavior patterns by in-depth user research and analysis, after which we narrowed down the target users and needs and came up our initial concepts.

3. Detail design: 
the product development phase when we developed the user experience structure and user interface of our final concept. At the same time, we also created a video to sell our design concept. 

Client -  Boom Works & BT Financial Group
TEAM - Pem, Ivan
MY ROLE - UX/UI Designer / Video Producer
DATE - Jul 2018 - Nov 2018
 1. Discover Phase
Background Research:
In order to better understand the design brief, background research was conducted by competitor analysis, industrial research (reports, trends, and articles) and self-evaluation of BT's existing products. This gives a better context and information of the design challenge. 

Decide Design Direction:
We decided our design direction by self-interviews, brainstorming, academic review and gaining insights from BT's wellbeing workshop. This process gives us a clear design goal.
2. Foundational Design
A questionnaire was developed and conducted online, which helps to understand the importance of family travel to their wellbeing and their general needs. 

We also individually interviewed people with different professions, cultural backgrounds, income levels and family structures byways of face-to-face and phone interviews. Furthermore, we wrote down the transcript and use affinity diagrams to gain user insights.
We narrowed down our target users and user needs, after which we create two personas as our user representatives to help make design decisions.
3. Detailed Design
After completed brainstorming and hand sketching together with Ivan, I individually completed card sorting (for Information architecture), use flow and wireframe development. 
This process serves to decide the components and framework of the user interface quickly without focusing on visual design details.
High-Fi Interface Design:
After tested and confirmed our wireframe design, I developed the high-fi interface design and iterated with Ivan.

Organize your trip easily
Help you and your family plan together
Create travel videos with no editing effort
User Testing and Iteration:
We started testing and iterating our design from the wireframe.
Based on the prototyping tool of Sketch app, we created interactive mock-up and used task-based usability testing, think-aloud, A/B testing to uncover usability issues, and then optimise the interaction details and make visual design decisions.
Concept Video
We also create a concept video to explain the app concept and user story. Ivan did the directing and filming job and we edited the video together.
This video tells the user story and our concept easily and interestingly.
Our project was elected to be presented in Westpac BT Financial Group

Our project was elected to be presented in BT

The end

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