If you live in Australia and you love online shopping for your daily grocery, Woolworth, as one of the biggest retailers, may be one of your limited choice. With the background of the entry of the Amazon and the bad online shopping experience, Woolworth has an urgent need to improve their online shopping service. 
The main goal of this project was to uncover customers’ issues and needs in their online shopping experience, to think of solutions, and to develop the best solution to create a better user experience.

CLIENT - Wunderman & Woolworth
TEAM - Pem, Tim, Roni
MY ROLE - UX/UI Designer 
DATE - Jul 2017 - Nov 2017
 1. UX Research
Competitor Analysis:
Conducted analysis among key competitors by reviewing different aspects of these retailers.​​​​​​​
Online Ethnography Research:
Online ethnography research by reviewing customers' reviews and comments of Woolworth's online shopping services from different platforms.
Define Issues and Needs:
From the negative reviews of the users, I uncovered their issues and frustrations in these aspects. 
In addition, I also conducted ethnography research among its competitors, after which I also well defined their needs.
2. Wire-framing
Sketching Wireframes:
Used sketching on paper to brainstorm interface ideas with the team regarding the appearance of the chatbot, possible features and chatting interfaces

Balsamiq Wireframes:
Used Balsamiq to further develop our wireframes, also added interactions between pages to prototype the application. Balsamiq also allowed us to test our prototype among our peer design students.​​​​​​​
3. Visual Interface Design
- Accessible any time when needed
- Communicate in natural language
- Searching products by chat, photos, pictures, bar code, and receipt
- A new shopping flow within the chat
User Testing and Iteration:
To evaluate our clickable prototypes, we conducted a heuristic evaluation with one expert each. 
We also prepared two key tasks for the user to perform whilst we conducted think-aloud evaluations and usability test observations. 
These testing were greatly helpful in terms of helping us to make design decisions, uncover design errors and improve our design.
Invision Mockup

The end

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